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As the security continued on Monday to be able to roll out witnesses in the George Zimmerman trial, now going into its third few days, that question remained pivotal.

The answer, still may remain evasive, because the screams have been distant and the music, from a 911 phone, was too tied to allow for a medical opinion in the courtroom. The prosecution as well as the defense have wrangled repeatedly over the concern, which could help decide who the attentatmand was in the conflict that led to the particular death of Trayvon Martin, the south florida teenager whom Mr.. Zimmerman shot and also killed on February. 26, 2012. Mr.. Zimmerman, 29, who will be charged with second-degree murder, is saying self-defense.

But security lawyers tried to reinforce arguments that the person crying “help” has been Mr. Zimmerman, rather than Mr. Martin. Their particular key witness: Tracy Martin, Mr. Martin’s father.

“I read it and observed the movement regarding his mouth, ” said Officer Serino, who was the prospect investigator in the case.

Yet about two weeks afterwards, Mr. Martin improved his mind, the particular defense said. The particular Martin family legal professional, Benjamin Crump, advised reporters at the time that will Mr. Martin got listened to a cleaned-up version of the music and recognized his or her son’s voice.

Inside a heart-wrenching turn on the particular stand Monday, Mr.. Martin was questioned to explain the disparity between his first reaction and the the one that followed. He advised the jury the police were completely wrong.

“I never told me wasn’t my son’s voice, ” Mr.. Martin said.

Mr.. Martin said can not tell regardless of whether it was his son’s voice the first time he or she heard the mp3, on Feb. twenty eight, a tumultuous, unpleasant day for the dog. As Mr. Frank listened to the recording on the station that day time, he had no idea however hear the gunshot that killed his or her son, he mentioned.

“It’s very difficult to think that Trayvon is just not living, ” Mr.. Martin said, talking about his devastation. “As I said repeatedly, that was my best friend within. To have him removed is a tragedy. ”

On March of sixteen, the Martin loved ones was invited for the Sanford mayor’s business office to hear the neighbors’ 911 calls, like the one with the yell for help. As soon as the family left work, he said he or she stayed behind to become the tape consistently, alone. At that point, he or she concluded it was his or her son, Mr. Frank said.

“After playing the tape, regarding maybe 20 periods, I said that That i knew it was Trayvon’s speech, ” he mentioned.

Other friends and also relatives of Trayvon Martin, including his or her mother, Sybrina Fulton, also have testified it had been the 17-year-old Mr.. Martin screaming.

Tracy Martin’s turn on the particular witness stand proven tricky for the security because of the poignancy regarding his testimony.

“I was choked way up myself, ” Bateau Singleton, a Sanford police officer, testified, talking about her reaction that will day at the place. She said the lady overheard Mr. Martin’s conversation with Official Serino. “I sensed horrible for the dog. ”

In a fresh twist, the assess, Debra S. Nelson of Seminole State Court, ruled Wednesday that she would permit the jury to hear concerning Mr. Martin’s toxicology report, which demonstrated small amounts of weed in his system. The other day, in proceedings minus the jury present, any medical examiner who also performed the autopsy on Mr. Frank testified that the weed could have affected the particular teenager’s behavior evening he encountered Mr.. Zimmerman.

Earlier on Wednesday, the defense named other witnesses to try and persuade the justice that it was Mr. Zimmerman crying for aid.

“There is absolutely without doubt in my mind that is George Zimmerman, ” David Donnelly, a friend regarding Mr. Zimmerman’s who also served as a overcome medic in Vietnam and is now a health care provider assistant, testified. Mr.. Donnelly’s wife, Leanne Benjamin, also spoken that it was Mr. Zimmerman shouting on the saving.

Mr. Donnelly, who also described Mr. Zimmerman as a “very precious friend, ” mentioned he and his better half had donated $3, 000 to attempts on his behalf only to have spent $1, seven-hundred on a court clothing for him.

Mr.. Zimmerman, the neighborhood enjoy coordinator for the property complex where the taking pictures occurred, claimed which he shot Mr. Frank in self-defense following Mr. Martin smacked him and consistently slammed his dive into the pavement. Mr.. Martin was in the direction of his father’s girlfriend’s house, where having been staying as a guests. Prosecutors maintain that will Mr. Zimmerman actively followed Mr. Frank and instigated the particular confrontation.

The whines for help around the 911 call are usually distinct. But an N. B. I. music expert has said the standard of the recording and the transientness of the screams, amongst others, made it too hard to isolate who it absolutely was. He suggested which a person familiar with both Mr. Zimmerman’s or perhaps Mr. Martin’s speech under similar situations might be able to identify anyone screaming in the phone.

During cross-examination, the particular prosecution used the witnesses’ testimony about the screams to repeatedly enjoy another recording: the main one of Mr. Zimmerman referring to the person he or she found suspicious since “punks” and expressing “they always go away, ” while conversing with a police régulateur. He used expletives in both remarks.

Bernie de la Rionda, the primary prosecutor in the case, advised to witnesses that will Mr. Zimmerman has been angry or irritated. Mr. Zimmerman’s close friends disputed that depiction.

Mark O’Mara, certainly one of Mr. Zimmerman’s legal professionals, flipped the debate to ask the witnesses whether Mr. Zimmerman sounded full of “hatred, ” “ill will” or “spite. ” The answer was no.

These three words are very important because a second-degree homicide conviction requires the particular demonstration of a “depraved mind, ” the one that harbored hatred, unwell will or vengeance.

Other testimony observed that Mr. Zimmerman could shoot any weapon with both his or her left and proper hands. While he or she writes with his left, he does many everything else with his proper hand.