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Welcome to the Angry Trayvon!!

This year it caused lots of trouble but at the same time if we look at the bigger picture, its just reflecting the natural human nature.

Trayvon is angry and no-one can stop him coming from completing his planet tour of payback on the bad guys who also terrorize cities each day.
Use a variety of guns to demolish Trayvon’s attackers in various metropolitan areas around the world.

As you develop an entirely level, you will notice a lot more bad guys coming from Trayvon at a faster pace and also a deadlier attack. If you want to attack from significantly, then purchase the ‘dagger’ as you will be able to chuck it at your opponents for the kill. If you would like dominate the leaderboards across the world, then ensure you collect the money the bad guys will fall once you kill those to increase your score.

Genuinely distasteful, ignorant, and also insensitive! The people from Trade Digital Inc should truly end up being ashamed of them selves for creating this kind of disrespectful and insensitive game. It is never ever okay to cash in on the murder of your person, especially any small. The little blurb regarding the game being hype id purely hoke! Google should also end up being ashamed for enabling this game to get sold in the Enjoy store!

In this website we are going to post everything about Angry Trayvon: